Captain  MY Vibrant Curiosity

“Navantia is certainly one of the most professional yards I have been to. There are no endless discussions and negotiations. Navantia is straightforward; they say what they will do, and do what promised. I recommend any yacht to include Navantia as an option for yard work. Navantia produces very high quality work in a clean and organized environment”

Mats Bengtsson

Captain  SY Dwinger

“I would like to say thank to everyone on behalf of the owner and crew of S.Y. Dwinger. We were impressed with your facilities and extremely satisfied at the high level of professionalism that we have encountered throughout our stay with you. Thank you for your impeccable service”.

Oscar Villar Sedano

Chief Engineer   –  MY Sequel P

Although our stay was short, Sequel P has been so impresssed by the efficiency & the organisation of Navantia. The whole experience has been fantastic. The yard has gone above & beyond for the crew and all the contractors were a pleasure to have on board”


Carl Emery

Relief Master  MY Sequel P

“I was very pleased with the work done in a relatively short period at the shipyard. We were undergoing a 5 year survey, and the shipyard reacted well to unforeseen circumstances uncovered during the survey.Navantia allocated Paul as liaison and translator for the yacht, and he was enormously helpful both in the yard work environment, but also with assistance in finding accommodation, renting cars, organising golf and restaurants, etc all of which made the stay more easy and pleasant for the crew”.

Donald Heath